Maryam Gallery is
a place to present
your unique art

Maryam Memarnezhad

Born on October 30, 1998
Graphic Associate Degree
Bachelor of Painting
Gallery Certificate
Curatorial Certificate
Founder of Maryam Gallery in Kashan.

Kashan has long been the cradle of civilization, art and science We are trying to return to the peak days of our city We have opened a beautiful space to present works of art next to the market Here for you
The gallery is a place to see and see the works of art that we have been dealing with for a long time with the concept of a museum, and nowadays the gallery is a small and exclusive museum. Works in that space are displayed to the public that are normally out of their reach
Maryam Gallery is trying to provide this space in Kashan for artists and art lovers
Here for you ...
Holding an exhibition can create a new visual language and new frameworks for thinking. In each exhibition, Maryam Gallery tries to show a new perspective on the world.